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    this merchant has been deactivated several time the last two years I have been with them. I have stuck it out with them because I get tons of student loan leads. Their current deactivation was about 20 days ago. Then, out of the blue, they are active again yesterday but they terminated me. I do not understand it at all. I have stuck with them, sent them tons of leads and I get termed. Did anyone else get terminated the past few days?

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    I have been an affiliate of theres for 3 years now. They also terminated me a few days ago. I tried looking them up to see if they are active but they are not. What I do know is that in August they went over budget by about $40,000. Patrick Starzan was the head of the marketing division. He no longer has the same phone number or he was fired. Have you been able to find any other financial aid sites to work with?

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