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    Datafeeds at CJ

    I am a new affiliate at CJ. Worked a lot with SAS,

    Would appreciate if someone would help me with a couple of questions,

    1) where from the affiliate interface do i downlaod the datafeed for a merchant?
    2) i am international affiliate, have other internationsl affiliates had a smooth time receiving payments or is there lot of red tape involved?


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    at CJ the datafeeds are free only to those affiliates who turn in a gross per month of [$10000?] or something like that. it is possible to get a feed direct from a merchant but I have no experience with that.

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    If you don't turn a gross per moth of 10,000 you can contact the merchant directly

    There are a few who offer free datafeeds and a few others who would compile one up for you every now and then.

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