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    September 28th, 2006
    Hello All
    I am Eddy Pham from, and I manage the Affiliate side of the company. If you are looking to make some additional revenue contact me and lets start the discussions.

    Before I will move forward I will need to know these things:

    Company Name
    Contact Person
    Contact Information
    Site Descriptiopn
    Site URL
    Total Traffic Per Month
    Total New Visitors Per Month

    I will review the information and then send over the agreement for review on your end. Newegg will pay up to 2% per CPA. It is that simple.

    Thanks in advance

    Eddy Pham

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    May 31st, 2006
    Houston TX
    Welcome Eddy..

    You guys have a long awaited aff program.
    Love the way you run your biz from a consumer's aspect and also a good biz plan.

    Hope you stick around and I am sure that there are many affiliates who want to work with you.

    Also look up GoldenCan. WalMart, etc are on there.


    p/s: You might want to change your posting cos your email address will get crawled by spammers and you will get lots of spam.

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    Eddy is cool, spoke with him and Michael on the phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairFieldGetaway-EricEwe

    Also look up GoldenCan
    I second that, all merchants should use GC if they want lots of sales and fresh updated links since CJ won't give us an Expiry date column in the links section.
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