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    Question Google's straggle against arbitrage and affiliates?
    Well, I know that it is old news... Just came across an article about it and decided to post. Will these changes really influence Affiliate marketing? And in what way?
    Or maybe there will be some formula which will allow to save affiliates?

    Kim Malone, Director of Online Sales & Operations for Google, gave the generic search engine response. "We're interested in a positive user experience," she said. She did share, however, that misleading users is not acceptable. For example, you cannot offer something for sale in a PPC ad and then direct consumers to a landing page full of ads instead.
    Jones said Google's latest update is unfairly penalizing some ad publishers. It's a huge problem for affiliates.
    , etc

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    If u have affiliate links on your site Google will get you if not now than later. A Positive user experience is a bunch of BS. For example I have a site that allows users to sell something for free. Google made all but 5 of my keywords inactive unless I pay $10/click. The only ones they allow me to keep are (keyword)free. the ones they made inactive compete against big time players with deep pockets that don't offer the same service for free. my site is not misleading users ibut Google will not allow affiliates to offer something for sale in a PPC ad and then direct consumers to a landing page full of ads

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    Thanks to all the affiliate SERP and PPCSE spamming, going on for years, the legit affiliate marketing efforts get thrown out with the dirty bath water. Only route for Google to regain legitimacy is to bury the affiliates gaming them, and their Adwords advertisers. Whack thin affiliate sites, raise direct to merchant affiliate PPCSE prices, and clean up their junk traffic search syndication partnerships. Who, other then the greedy scumbags, need 35 million rotating parked domain PPCSE click traps? I see some class action PPCSE law suits coming over the scumbag syndication rules and so does Google and Yahoo.

    The days of AM's seeking out affiliate traffic spammers (browser,e-mail, SERP, PPCSE) is coming to an end. The quandry is those type affiliates rake in 90% of the commissions and dried up the earning potential for the die hard legit affiliates. Traffic and setting cookies is still KING in the affiliate industry with no regard to the rewarding by value of the referral traffic. Now it's just the battle plan of the Super Affiliates which carry any weight at the major networks.
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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