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    Excel Cell Breaks MySQL Row
    I have a cj feed that gave me fits. When I would load it about 7 description cells in excel were gigantic and caused the table row to break into 2 rows as the data went in. I couldn't see the total cell value in excel because it was so big so that there was no way of seeing what was at the end. I had to truncate those cells in excel by hand to make it load. It was making the primary key show duplicates and exit the script. Has anyone ever seen this?

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    I've had feeds that had similarly screwed-up fields in 'em. (I use cheapie Works Spreadsheet for manual feed viewing, but this part probably works about the same as Excel...)
    I'm not sure what does it, but I would guess it's either a character that shouldn't be there, or the absence of a delimiter that should have been there.

    I end up "fixing" those things with the Delete Row command. One of the reasons for that is that often, there isn't any data in the affected row after the messed-up part. Therefore, there's no tracking code for those items. So even if I bothered debugging the obvious cell, since the other data's not there it makes the row useless.

    If you can't see whether the Code is there in Excel, check the output on your site (once you've truncated the junk and it'll actually run) to make sure those items are working right.

    I haven't had the bit with the primary key getting messed, but I have had the displeasure of opening up my site to find, instead of a nice index of pages, a bunch of gobbledygook looking back at me.

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    After spending countless hours fixing garbage like this in different feeds I decided I'd had enough. Unless it is something I can fix with little time investment I ruthlessly delete..... I prefer to spend my time making the datafeed uniquely mine
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