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    Do most of your sites just plain link or do you cart?
    Ive seen some affiliate sites where its a regular link to the affiliate merchant.. maybe possibly php redirected

    but then i see some affiliate websites where if you didnt look closely you would think they were actually a real merchant site.. as they have a shopping cart etc... but that cart is from the merchant site.. and all they are doing is somehow masking the url and using their cart keeping it seamless

    what do you guys do mainly?

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    I link.
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    Some programs allow population of a cart but the majority don't. This is due to privacy policies and who owns the customer.

    Direct to cart links are another option. Whenever possible you will get best conversion if you can link direct to cart. For the products portion of's program a direct to cart link has higher conversion. Even for subscription sales you get higher conversion.

    Recently I have an affiliate ask for permission to create a name/email form and link to one of our programs. After kicking it around we gave him permission. It never hurts to ask.

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