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    Commission Structure
    I am fairly new to Affiliate Marketing and have a question I can't find posted here.

    When one signs up for an affiliate program that has several tiers do those tiers work the same way as say, taxes do? Meaning is that higher percentage only paid out of the marginal dollars above the tier?

    Lets say:
    Below $5000 = 5%
    >$5000 =10%

    I bring in $7,000. Am I paid...

    (7,000 x 10%= $700) = 700 total

    (5,000 x 5%= 250) + (2,000 x 10%= 200) = 450 total ?

    Just wondering what the industry standard is on this so I won't be suprised. Thanks for any and all help.

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    It depends on each merchant, they will all set their own tiers and requirements to reach them and decide if they are retroactive or not.
    Deborah Carney

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