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    IT Programmer wanted is seeking an experienced and independent (minimum 3 years experience) IT professional in New York City to single handily take on new and existing projects. Must be willing AND able to work independently. Must have strong .NET / C# and SQL/Store Procedure experiences; intermediate knowledge with XML feeds is needed. Database management, website design and development skills are necessary. Best office location and working environment. We also offer H-1 visa / Green Card.

    Technical Requirements:

    Candidates must have very strong skills in the following:

    Store Procedure
    MultiThreading Model and Architecture
    Data Model / ER Diagrams
    Data Flow Diagram
    XML Feeds
    XML Handler
    Server setup and website development

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    How are people going to contact you about these jobs you are posting? Are you the contact person?

    You can't get pm's until you participate to a certain level....
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    My company and I are more than capable of handling this - soup to nuts server management and .NET enterprise development . But we work more offsite that anything else to keep costs down. Drop a reply here if you are interested.
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