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    Got this e-mail from Bay9 ( harvested list) and remember hearing they are a huge co-reg spammer. Anyone using them?
    Dear Michael,

    After reviewing, I feel we can form a profitable partnership. is one of the leading marketing internet companies. We are a multifaceted
    internet marketing and services company providing solutions to advertisers, publishers,
    consumers, and businesses alike.

    Bay9 offers cost-effective tools for driving targeted traffic to web sites,
    marketing web businesses, and maximizing site revenues. Our various pay-per-click programs
    provide advertisers with ways to drive traffic to their site while providing the ability
    to manage their own online advertising campaigns. In addition, Bay9 specializes
    in permission based opt-in e-mail marketing. These forms of advertising have been
    highly regarded as the most effective ways to grow your business online.


    · We currently have 15 million registered names, and 17 million names
    that we manage on our comprehensive e-mail database.
    · Our contest page attracts an extremely large volume of traffic, and we are experiencing
    an average of 7,000 to 10,000 NEW registrants per day.
    · We can effectively manage your e-mail lists by working with you to send your special offers
    to our privately developed in-house customer base. Simply tell us how many times a day you
    want us to send out your advertisement, and we will take care of the rest.

    SPECIFIC BAY9 SERVICES (PRICES are Flexible and Negotiable Depending on Volume):

    · E-Mail Drops
    · Co-Bundling / Co-Registration
    · Opt Names:
    Pre-checked Box
    Unchecked Box
    · List Delivery
    · Web Hosting
    · Pop Ups, Pop Under, Banners
    · Web Design
    · Agency

    Bay9 can also provide List Deal Management in which we will send very lucrative offers to your list
    with out damaging its integrity as your advertising partner and share the revenue with you 50/50.
    Ask us how we do it. Make your advertising pay for it self.

    Additional information and resources are available online in our media kit
    at <>

    If you interested in increasing traffic to your site and expanding your internet exposure
    please contact me at (212)204-7520 or I look forward to working with you.

    Adam Kombel
    Account Exec.
    (212) 204-7520

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    (I will admit up front that I didn't read that entire pitch they sent you--I've just posted my observations about Bay9.)

    From an affiliate's perspective--They're a reversal maniac!

    And from a customer's perspective (as in, someone who would advertise there), they suck very badly!

    Their PPC engine (if it's still operational, I haven't checked in ages) used to get about 10 clicks a month [sitewide]! That's only a slight exaggeration--they got less searches on certain terms in a month, than a real PPC engine gets in a day! For an idea of how pathetic it is, I deposited $25 last year, never deposited more to the PPC account, and I still haven't gotten a notice that my account has gone dry!

    The information below is based on my experience almost a year ago but I haven't read of any drastic changes happening at Bay9 so here it is despite its age:

    Their so-called "proven banner ads" are all those fake "warning" ads. You just pick one that fits your category and that's it (no real customization). There's 10 or 20 to pick from.

    They also have an annoying popup and you can buy that waste of money, too. It, too, only had a few variants to choose from.

    There's some other kind of ad that came out a few months ago from there but I didn't check it out.

    They did have an auction for buying newsletter ads. Their newsletter is only one of the ones in the auction--most are outside. Results for that should vary, depending on the newsletter. I tried it once and got 1 sale, though, from a distribution of 20,000 opt-in webmasters from an outside newsletter (which seems lousy to me). I didn't get any spam complaints so I assume they were really opt-in.

    I haven't played any of their contests or used any of the other stuff aimed at general surfers so I don't know about that part.

    But it's a pretty cheeseboy operation, overall. Definitely in the "how'd they live this long?" category!

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    I've read somewhere that they send incentivized traffic from time to time :rolleyes:

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    FWIW, as far as their contests go I've seen multiple posts saying they don't pay their lottery winners.

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