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    Zappos and Phone orders
    I realize that the displaying of an 800 number throught out the Zappos site is old news, but my anger is flarring up again just a bit. It appears that Zappos is making every attempt it can to encourage phone orders or fax orders. Even after you add an item to your shopping cart, there is THREE more plugs to get the customer to order by phone or fax. One such attempt is directly under the proceed to checkout button. Some one please tell me I am over reacting to this. I would be a fool to think that all the traffic that I drive to Zappos, who makes a piurchase, buys online.

    Again, I know this is old news, but I would like to hear other opinions on this issue, now that the phone/fax offer has been around for awhile.

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    No, all traffic you refer does not buy online, some buy over the phone. The fact remains that Zappos is the best converting shoe web site in the business. Why? I have no definitive answer, but it is the fact.
    I am seeing conversions from 4 to 10% for the last two years at Zappos. This includes the period when they added more instances of their phone number.
    It also includes the time when they launched effect.

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    Yeah, I haven't see any major loss of conversions since the phone thing was introduced...
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