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    Not terribly on-topic, but this section seems to veer all over the place, so:

    Just watched the Rambo III re-release, at the end they had a thing about Afghanistan. They mentioned 911 but it wasn't about that, it was about the people there. It ended with this school scene, little girls sitting on the ground outside (very dusty but at least there were trees behind them), and a very pretty Afghan schoolteacher. Had a blackboard up, made out of four dark planks of wood nailed together - but the 1+3/4, 2+2/4 stuff had obviously been written with a lot of attention, real carefully done (she was doing one as the video was filming so it was her real style).

    While her careful writing grabbed attention, what really struck was when they showed the girls' faces - there they were, sitting in an inch of dust in the hot sun staring at four planks of wood - and they were totally ecstatic about the experience, they all looked like it was their birthday or something.

    Times like that I wish I was Bill Gates so I could spend a billion on a few dozen schools.

    Especially when you consider that over here all you hear about is how the students can't compete or can't learn because all they have are Pentium II's, or it's only one computer per four students or similar bullshit.

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    Not a rant....a great post in fact. There are many things that we consider a luxury, or just a way of life that we take very much for granted. Education being one of them. We expect it to 'just happen'....

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