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    Innovative new feature from
    FYI - I got this in the email earlier and thought it may be of interest to others.


    Imagine: Automatic commissions month after month from one order! Itís true with Auto Delivery! Plus, you could WIN $250 just for listing auto delivery links on your site!

    Last month, introduced auto delivery through the affiliate channel. This month (and next), you have a chance to win $250 when you place auto-delivery links on your site and send us the url of the placement!

    What is auto-delivery?
    Imagine not having to remember to shop for shampoo, lotion, vitamins or dishwashing detergent. Instead, your favorite brands and products show up when you want them to.

    Auto delivery allows customers to set up regular delivery of items they use everyday. Benefits include:

    -Items get delivered every 30, 45, 60, 90 or 180 day, per the customerís request.
    -Customers save $4 on standard shipping with every auto delivery order.
    -It is risk free Ė they can cancel anytime

    We currently have over 2000 products in the program including best sellers from philosophy, GNC, Nicorett, Sonicare and many other popular brands. We will be continuing to expand this program, so new brands and items will continue to be available through auto delivery.

    What does auto delivery give you?
    Affiliates will receive commission for each shipped auto delivery order referred through their site. Thatís right, each time an auto delivery order ships, the affiliate who referred the sign-up auto delivery order receives the standard commission on the subsequent orders!

    -Multiple commissions from one auto-delivery order!
    -Links that last for over a year, so they donít need to be updated every month.
    -Site efficiency: Less effort needed to earn commissions!

    This is an incredible opportunity for you to continue earning income for multiple orders with no additional work! All you have to do is drive the first order.

    How could I WIN $250?
    Simple. Place any (or all) of our auto-delivery links on your site. Send an email to with your contact information, web site name and url(s) to the pages with the auto delivery links or screenshots if your site require a login. Use the phrase ďAuto Delivery ContestĒ as the subject line. We will draw randomly from all of the entries that we receive (after verification of the link) for the $250 prize.

    October Contest
    Send emails between October 3rd and October 31st. Drawing will be held November 1st, and the winner will be announced in the next newsletter.

    November contest
    Send emails between November 1st and November 30th. Drawing will be held December 1st, and the winner will be announced in the next newsletter.

    Top Auto Deliver Links

    These are the top links for auto delivery. You can create your own using our RSS/XML feeds or by creating individual product links for any of the 2,000 products in available for auto delivery.

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    Yeap, I received that email, too. Haven't checked any of the banners yet but it does appear to be very nice. I would imagine it would be convenient for the person doing the ordering too...since they don't have to keep reordering or remembering when to. One of the big tv shopping sites used to have this option for some of their beauty products but don't know how popular it ended up being. Not sure how they actually determine when somebody needs to reorder.? Reordering for a family of 4 using something as opposed to just one person using a product could mean very different amounts of something....but I'm sure they have that figured into their method. Definitely seems very nice for the affiliate though from what I've read so far.

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