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    CSSTidy - Optimize and Clean CSS
    I was trying to improve the load speed of a big data feed site today. The Web Page Analyzer kept showing my 3 css files as a red problem. I did a little search and came up with CSSTidy which is free to use online here. Now this baby works. I used the default settings and it worked great except it eliminated my IE hacks due to the backslash in them. I now see that there is a setting to avoid that.

    I just whipped out my trusty Beyond Compare file comparison utility and moved the hacks to the new optimized file. Now with a little addition of indexes in the database it's loading way better.

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    Man, that's nifty (especially the web page analyzer). I don't use anything like this as often as I should. It comes as a nice surprise when you see that one of your sites takes 90+ seconds to load on a 56k connection..

    Thanks for the heads up!

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