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    I recently had to request another site to remove some of our files they had 'acquired' through p2p file exchanges :mad:

    We had a brief discussion about p2p and the number of users that do not restrict the directories that p2p can access (probably most of them).

    Anyway the point I want to make is that p2p can also access your cookies if you let it, which can contain lots of information - credit card numbers, address etc etc.

    So, is this an opportunity to restrict Morpheus etc by sneaking to the press that file sharing programs (name them) can easily steal your credit card details? I am sure if this is handled correctly everyone including credit card companies and microsoft will solve our problem for us.

    Yes I do believe in fairies and am sure it is not that simple but I can't help wondering. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    Hey GaryS.

    I have to admit that's a whole different view point as for me.
    I never thought of that, and I agree with you that if the could-be-affected bigwigs thought seriously on it, it could be the end for current popular p2p networks.

    Or atleast a big hole in their pockets.

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    Gary...great way to get that brain cooking...I didn't look at it that way either. That is an interesting and very plausible take on it. Your right...the right people hear about that and it could go away. Besides, people now are becoming more concerned about their privacy and the way their info is handled.

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    P2P network designs basically are home grown coding efforts. No security issues were built into their designs and therefore this could be a platform to backdoor peoples computers to harvest private info. Maybe this thread sould move to the parasite forum thread since that one roasts Morpheus and gets more comments and insite.

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    I just read about this in a magazine that came to the house. Evidently, the HP R&D Team did research on this. One of their guys was setting up some computer stuff for a friend and they had a P2P program on the computer. He caught onto it. Their research showed it can be very difficultt to even know what files are available for sharing. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img] They had 12 of the R&D team set up P2P programs, and these are computer savvy folks. 10 of them wound up with setting that allowed files that most people would not want shared accessible. Need more PR on this in mainstream publications.

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