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    Any ABW Local meetings? NorthEast
    Hey everyone,

    (Pardon me if there is a section somewhere for this-- I couldn't find and info)

    I am interested in meeting up with some of you that live in the NorthEast (Philadelphia area). Does anyone on here ever meet up and talk about issues, ideas, etc....? I think it would be really cool to talk face to face with local affiliates/merchants. Maybe just meet at a Borders for an hour or so to grab some coffee or whatever, then maybe progress into more. I know that some businesses might even sponsor aka provide material to give out/discuss and they'd pay for drinks or food.... Anyone have any thoughts...?

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    Sounds like a cool idea.

    I'm from MA about an hour from boston it would be nice to meet with some people from this board and shoot the shiznit at barnes or borders.

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    If you get a good crowd together, make sure you let me know. I may swing by (serious!!).


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    There's a Borders in a big mall in Syracuse NY. I'd love to see some of us get together just to shoot the [deleted] before the weather gets nasty.

    There's a site called where one could put out feelers for meetings like this, but after enough discussion to make the meetings regular. The {cough} MLM folk use it regularly (as do the local witches).

    It might take a few spread-out local meetings of AM people before the groups could coalesce into more regional get-togethers. In other words: regular local groups over the short term and perhaps semiannual also but more regional.

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    I'd meet in syracuse

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    January 18th, 2005
    Central/Western NY State
    I've posted a starter link:

    to those who could meet somewhere in Syracuse NY for informal coffee.

    There are both affiliates and merchants and perhaps some AMs within a reasonable radius of this particular city. (might even attract some AMs from Canada if we have enough interested affiliate types as Syracuse is right on I81*)

    *Although that's a long long drive just to chew the fat. But the coffee is probably excellent.

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