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    I have 5 positions in Cash Evolution that all have at least 5 people already signed up
    and 4 of them have more tha that.

    The rules say you can only have 1 position. But as one of the 'main' builders of the program we could reserve first line positions for special circumstance players or family.

    I had reserved one spot for Haiko and one for Amit but Haiko called it a scam and Amit
    was too stupid to sign up and get in for FREE.

    The other 3 spots were suppose to go to family members.

    I decided against doing the work so the family could make money sitting on their butts.

    So, here's the deal for you - you pay the $25 to get the slot and it's yours. You already have your first level filled and basically are in for FREE and have a PROFIT.

    And in case you haven't heard, you need to read on:

    Mark Joyner joins CASHevolution!!
    One of the Internet' s most highly respected marketers has visited the CASHevolution offices in New Zealand. Read his detailed evaluation and first hand account of the CASHevolution company and owners.

    Mark Joyner joins CASHevolution!!
    Most everyone has heard of Mark Joyner, one of the Internets most respected marketers. Recently one of our Builders, Mike Glaspie (owner of BannersGoMLM and several other companies and also another highly respected marketer) talked to Mark about CASHevolution.

    Mike Glaspie took the time to detail the entire program to Mark convincing him to consider endorsing and promoting it. Mark does not endorse a program lightly, and actually flew out to New Zealand to investigate the CASHevolution program first hand. Below is an update from the CEO of CASHevolution including Mark Joyner's evaluation of their company.

    From the Craige Mayo, CEO of CASHevolution:

    We are privileged to have the company of Mr. Mark Joyner one of the most highly respected Internet Marketers in the world. Mark arrived safely in New Zealand on Monday from the United States and has been with us for the past few days.

    The following is written by Mr. Joyner. Please read this message in its entirety as it addresses some very important issues concerning all Cash Evolution members:

    Dear Cash Evolution Members,

    My name is Mark Joyner and you may have heard the recent news of my endorsement of this program.

    I am in no way being compensated by the company for this endorsement. It is something I do of my own accord. I write to you today as a member just like yourself.

    More importantly, I am a member who has a bit of experience in the Internet Marketing world (if you are not familiar with me, please do a search on my name) and who has flown here to Auckland New Zealand to personally perform my own due diligence on this company.

    Beyond the formal technical due diligence Ive conducted to ensure this company adheres to New Zealand law, has the technical back end and financial backing to ensure long term staying power, and the marketing plan to sustain aggressive growth for years to come, (the exact details of my findings to be released shortly) I wanted to do something even more important:

    I wanted to look the owners of this company in the eye and verify for myself that they are men of high integrity and dedication to excellence. So far, Ive been nothing but impressed. The owners are all family men with a personal vested interest in the long term success of this company. I pride myself in my ability to judge someone instantly by looking them in the eye. This instinct has never served me wrong.

    The most important thing to know about their character is that they absolutely will not stop until this program becomes the best matrix program on the Internet bar-none.

    Every new company experiences growing pains and stumbling blocks. Internet companies with incredible growth rates are even more subject to these types of problems. What sets a successful company apart from the thousands that fail each month is perseverance, plain and simple. When problems seem insurmountable, a company must push ahead no matter how bad things look. I know from personal experience that this is the key factor that distinguishes successful companies from failures.

    With that said, please allow me to address a few key concerns you may have at this time:

    1) Customer Service Response
    Many of you have written to the Cash Evolution Customer Service Department and have not yet received a response. Please know that they take your inquiries quite seriously and will respond as quickly as possible.

    Due to the tremendous response to this program, they have found the need to expand their customer service capabilities and streamline their customer service infrastructure. I know all too well how difficult of an adjustment this is. They are responding as quickly as possible and doing everything in their power.

    Very soon they will have 24 hour customer service staffing and an online integrated help desk solution. In the meantime, they certainly appreciate your patience and your faith that they are taking any and all issues seriously.

    2) Downline Reporting
    Im happy to announce that they have just completed a database rebuild and that their reporting is now rock solid. Their software developers were unable to foresee some of the technical issues created by the growth rate of this program. Things like this do occur, are honest mistakes, and are largely unforeseeable.

    The important thing here is that the issue has been addressed, as will any and all future issues.

    Please log in to your member area soon in order to take a look at your downline. At no time has any data been lost, only the reporting of sign ups was flawed at the time.

    3) Long Term Potential
    I have discussed the long term viability of this program with the owners at great length. As with any matrix program, the issue of a life span is one to be taken quite seriously. All too often, people join a program without a sincere commitment and at some point these programs can unravel from the bottom up.

    Let us address this issue straight away. Here are the steps being taken to ensure the long term life span of this program.

    Continual Value Add to Subscribers

    Over time, the value of a Cash Evolution will increase dramatically. It is important that the value of any product being offered in a matrix (or by any company at all, for that matter) be, in and of itself, great. Over time, new member benefits will be released and the Cash Evolution subscription, independent of the compensation plan, will be more and more desirable.

    Continual Spill Over

    The builders of this company have a long term commitment and obligation to continue to promote Cash Evolution even after their personal matrices are filled.

    This means that all members will benefit from the efforts of some of the Internets most powerful promoters continually. If you dont understand spill over, the important thing to understand here is that you build your matrix in three ways: i) From your personal promotions ii) From the promotions of your upline (as their matrix fills, new sign ups are placed under you as appropriate) iii) From the promotions of your downline.

    New Promotional Tools

    As Cash Evolution researches new and more effective ways to build your team, the results of this research will be made to you. Distinguish this from programs that simply give you a single banner and leave you to your own devices. This is the very approach my company takes and I attribute much of our success to this.


    The issue will be addressed in many other ways, but the above three are the most important right now. Cash Evolution is in this for the long haul, I have seen their long term vision (it is much larger than you may realized) and am in this for the long haul myself.

    4) Offshore Bank Accounts are Not for Tax Evasion
    There is a common misconception out there that offshore bank accounts are solely for the purpose of tax evasion. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    While some people do choose to hide earnings from business endeavors in offshore accounts in hopes that they can evade taxation in their home jurisdictions, the ability to do so is becoming increasingly hard post 9-11 (and thank goodness for that!). Earnings from Cash Evolution are, of course, subject to local taxation as per the laws of your home jurisdiction. Especially as a former military officer, I would never advise anyone to avoid paying tax. It is up to you to ensure you are adhering to the tax laws of your land.

    Why an offshore account, then? First, Cash Evolution wanted to find a way to get your earnings to you fast without you having to pay the fees of cashing an oversees check in your own bank account. Establishing everyone with an offshore bank account was the best way to provide this (since Cash Evolution members are located all over the world, these accounts do, in fact, have to reside somewhere).

    Finally, its always good to diversify where you funds are held purely for the added benefit of security. The offshore account established for you through Cash Evolution is FDIC insured. Keep in mind that FDIC insurance is only valid up to a maximum of $100,000. That means that when you have more than that in any FDIC insured account, your exposure is increased. Spreading your funds across multiple accounts adds security in this regard and also in your having funds in a different social structure (in the uncertainty of today, its a good idea to hedge your best especially for those of you who live in the less stable countries of the world).

    5) What Should You Do Now?
    Its very important now, especially for those of you with significant spill over, to build deep. If you are satisfied with a $1,440 per month income and you have already achieved this level, its time now to help those on your team build their own income stream. The better those on your team are doing, the more likely they are to stay on board. Of course, as the quality of the product gets better and better, people will want to stay subscribed regardless, but its hard to deny the loyalty a monthly payment creates.

    If you have not achieved your income goal, you should do what you can now rather than wait passively for the spill over. The spill over is very real, but remember, you build your team in 3 ways (your promotions, your uplines promotions, and your teams promotions).

    Now is the time to do what you can to promote. A good first step would be to forward this letter on to your subscribers, customers, and friends along with your promotional URL. This will give them further reassurance that subscribing to Cash Evolution is a sound business decision.

    In the next few days, when I return to the U.S., I will issue a more detailed report of my due diligence. Please keep your eye out for it!

    All the best,


    Mark Joyner
    Founder of ROIbot, StartBlaze and others.
    Author of Mind Control Marketing

    Now you tell me why I should give you a slot - what you are going to do to work together with us to grow the whole group?

    You have until Sunday midnight. If 5 ABW members don't apply, I'm going to auction the slots on eBay.

    If I pick you, you will need to send me a real email address and I will send you the login and password to go get your position and you will have to pay $25.

    Just thihk if Haiko wasn't so dumb and joined for the $25 and got all 3,400 members to join and we all worked together to help each other - in 6 months to a year EVERY member would have a profitable e-biz.

    Of course the ones who got in early would make more - but if 3,400 people were all working together for the good of the group, it wouldn't take much to put everyone in profit - and those who worked harder would make more.

    Oh well - in any case. You want a ready made profitable deal - tell me why I should give it to you.

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    New York

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Just thihk if Haiko wasn't so dumb and joined for the $25 and got all 3,400 members to join and we all worked together to help each other - in 6 months to a year EVERY member would have a profitable e-biz.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I'll pay you or whomever the $25 ... for a test ... BUT I will not ask our members to join! We support only real merchants here ... BTW it is 3,800+ not 3,400!

    PS. Please don't call me dumb (ever again) ... it does not advance your spam to any level, but the potty!

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