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    Mark Joyner has joined Cash Evolution, the program I told you all to take a shot at about a month ago.

    Here's what Mark has to say:

    It's official. Our CEO, Mark Joyner, has given his formal endorsement for "Cash Evolution."

    He asked us to forward the below message to you for immediate action:


    Dear Members,

    I'm writing today from New Zealand with fantastic news.

    I've been combing the Net for months now, looking for a way StartBlaze members could multiply their incomes.

    Since StartBlaze is one of the top 100 most visited websites in the world and possibly the most popular traffic building tool in
    the world, I did not take this task lightly. I knew that potentially millions of people across the Net would adopt anything I recommended. I could not in good conscience
    recommend anything but the most lucrative and stable opportunity to our members.

    A few weeks ago, my search took me to a new affiliate program called "Cash Evolution." Frankly, I was not impressed. Granted, the idea was very interesting (a 5x5 forced matrix compensation plan funding an investment club), but I didn't think the web copy was very strong, so I left it never to
    return. Or, so I thought.

    A week later a good friend of mine urged me to take another look. He pointed out a few benefits that were not clear on my first look. Wanting to know more, I called their CEO, Craige Mayo. I was so impressed with him as a person, and what he had to say that I've flown all the way to New Zealand to check them out myself.

    Over the last few days I've become more and more impressed with the people, vision and financial stability behind Cash Evolution. You can understand my delight when I realized that this is an opportunity of global consequence.

    I'll be releasing a full report of my findings in a few days(complete with pictures and scans of documents verifying their legitimacy). In the meantime, here are a few things I found that led me to realize the limitless potential of this company.

    1. 100% Commissions.

    Yes, 100% of the membership fees are paid back in commissions to the affiliates. The owners make money only by their own
    positions in the matrix so therefore are supremely motivated to ensure this system works for the affiliates. This was the
    single most important factor in my decision. For most companies, their success does not depend on the activity of affiliates.

    2. A 5x5 Forced Matrix Compensation Plan (3 Powerful Forces Building Your Team).

    Your team is built from the promotions of your sponsors, you, and those in your team. This is the most important thing to know about a "forced matrix." If this isn't clear, just know that by signing up in the matrix of someone like me, you will benefit for years from the "spill over" of my promotions. This means that people I ask to sign up will be placed in your matrix.

    3. Commissions are Paid to Your Very Own Offshore Bank Account.

    As soon as you sign up, an offshore bank account is established for you in the West Indies and you are given a global debit card
    to withdraw funds anywhere in the world. Frankly, you could sign up, get the offshore account, and then cancel a month later
    if your matrix doesn't grow on its own. That's the least expensive offshore bank account I have ever encountered.

    4. 10% Conversion Rate.

    Based on some very preliminary word of mouth promotion, my personal website has seen a conversion rate of 10%. That means that 10% of the people I sent to the site signed up. My original assessment of the ad copy was dead-wrong. This site pulls quite well.

    5. Each Month Receive Additional Income from Various Investments.

    After your 3rd tier is full, 10% of your earnings (or more if you like) will be invested in a number of mutual funds across
    the globe. You will learn about investing and money management through actual practical application. Since very few people in the world are saving for retirement, this is a great opportunity to build your future.

    6. The Product is Self-funding After You Have Just 3 People In Your Matrix.

    Chances are, you may get those 3 people just from the promotions of your sponsors.

    7. This Company is Very Stable, Reliable, and Trustworthy.

    I've spent the last few days meeting the owners, financial backers, staff, and technical back end of Cash Evolution.
    Tomorrow, I will meet their accountants and lawyers and they will provide me with letters certifying the legitimacy, legality, and solvency of this company. Most importantly, the owners are all family men with the highest integrity and a positive global vision for the future.

    8. Benefit Now from My Global Campaign to Promote Cash Evolution.

    Those who sign up now will benefit the most from my global marketing. In a few days I will launch a massive marketingcampaign to build my matrix and yours. All will benefit
    greatly, but those who get in the earliest will benefit the most.

    After you sign up here:

    You have my permission to replace my URL above with your personal promotional URL and send this letter to your subscribers, customers, friends and family. Then, they will have the opportunity to benefit from my marketing campaign as well. Perhaps they, too, will then send this letter along to
    their contacts as well.

    I would not attach my name to a program like this lightly. That is why I've flown to New Zealand myself to ensure this is a business with truly global potential. Great prosperity lies ahead for all of us who choose to take our destinies in our own
    hands and sign up now.

    I will report in more great detail, the details of my due dilligence, in the next few days.

    All the best,


    Mark Joyner

    Founder of StartBlaze, ExitBlaze, ROIbot and more. Author of "Mind Control Marketing"

    P.S. Please remember to forward this letter after you sign up. That will be your first step to building your financial future.
    I will give you further steps as the days progress. I promise I will make it easy for you.


    I was going to give 5 "already in profit" spots to ABW members - one spot has 34 in that group, one has 23, one has 13, one has 6 and one has 5. You just had to pay the $25, I had to pay for each slot and you promise to promote the products - debitcards and a bank account with a hosted business based website. You would have been in profit
    and never have to pay another buck out of pocket.

    Plus you would have had Mark Joyner, Marl Gillespie, James Ventrillo And some of the other big time traffic generators on the net working for you.

    But Haiko - closed the tread. So no one could get a slot but him.

    But that games over - no freebies for ABW.
    No more help with ideas about how to do stuff.

    ABW is suppose to be about affiliates helping each other cope with the vargaries of
    the marketplace, thieving merchants and adnetworks and informing each other of what's making money and what's not.

    But that's really not the case. Haiko and most of you all miss the following point by a country mile - the net is about communitarianism (the competition for community helps everyone) within the individual framwork of your having access to the net.

    It's not about individualism. But almost everyone here is about individualism - I sell more than you, yadda, yadda, yadda. But you are all limited by your personal efforts
    and dependent on the honesty and fairness of places like Snare, BeScrewed and CJ if you do that.

    Haiko has gone out of his way to deal with the Parasiteware and the like. And tells us how he was on the phone with xyz for 20 hours.

    Yet if he simply took all the stuff he has on these guys and spent part of the 20 hours
    down at Fort Apache - the Bronx - and filed a criminal compliant and then took the stuff to the DA for NYC. The Parasite game would be
    close to being over.

    But he really didn't want to get involved and stand up and be counted where it really counts.

    You would think that CJ and Snare & BeFree, Kazza and Morpheuis would have sued me months ago for all the derogatory stuff I said about them.

    But they haven't. Why? Because, they KNOW, they are guilty of criminal behavior and to have what they do scruitenized in any court would lead to criminal indictments.

    So from now on you all have fun tilting windmills and jousting with sheep. But remember while you are doing that mark and I and the rest of the people with a clue will simply hit the ATM every month and take out an ever increasing monthly income.

    Will I still visit here...sure. But I'm not
    going to give up anything worth any money or any useful ideas for free anymore.

    So who gets the 5 spot? I don't know - maybe Lauren - Jada if she wants one - TH Media - Mike - Blusex - Shawn from Overstock or maybe I will just give them to 5 homeless people.

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    Would Mark Joyner like to step off his Internet guru throne and explain how startblaze and his other scemes operate. "one of the top 100" trafficed websites in the world...prove it. Without even reading the site content I'd say it's Nothing but a pop-under ploy to fidge page views and milk someone out of money. Has he and his kind decided to change their spots?

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Yet if he simply took all the stuff he has on these guys and spent part of the 20 hours down at Fort Apache - the Bronx - and filed a criminal compliant and then took the stuff to the DA for NYC. The Parasite game would be close to being over.

    But he really didn't want to get involved and stand up and be counted where it really counts.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Sorry I disappointed you Fred, sometimes things take longer to do than sh*tting words!

    FWIW - CJ and LS wanted me to let Wurldmedia to clean themselves and wanted to set a precedent by creating a business model for a converted Parasiteware company ... so that the others could and most importantly should. I found the plan as the best for "the industry" and provided input for the fix along with CJ and LS as to what would be "fair" to affiliates.

    As an update to the Gator situation, I have a very good and open communication with their CMO (Cheif Marketing Officer) and hopefully this week, we will have an update on implementing the code so that they do not pop up on an affiliate's site.

    Now, as for Cash Evolution ... I asked that members stop posting MLM links on ABW (see the announcements) so once again it will be locked.


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