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    While we talk toolbars...
    "Isn't the Alexa Toolbar known as Spyware?
    Yes, in fact it is. But it is not bad or malicious spyware. It is useful."

    Bravenet sent me an email today with the above quote in it. They are trying to encourage the use of the Alexa toolbar, now I dont have alexa toolbar, and don't know if it is ok or not, just hoping the general attitude about spyware doesn't become diluted by the promotion of GOOD spyware.

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    The Alexa toolbar is not necessarily "good spyware". It is hard to remove and passes info I would rather not have passed. Do a search here... there are people for and against it, research before saying it's "good" would be a good idea.
    Deborah Carney

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    I consider it "currently benign (and no reason to change)" trackingware as it tracks where you've been and compiles that information for various uses including the Alexa rank.
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    My only current complaint is removability, which like Loxly said is a bit of a pain.
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