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    Email I just received from InFamousFootwear:

    We regret to inform you that you have been dropped from the Famous Footwear advertiser program, and you will no longer be affiliated with this advertiser as of 8/20/02. This is not intended as disapproval of the quality or value of your Web site. Each CJ advertiser has the option to determine how many and what types of publishers they will approve to their program, and they may also make changes to their program which warrant removing some of their publishers.In this case, the advertiser has supplied the following reason for removal:

    Poor traffic and click-through.

    You must remove any banners or links you are hosting on your Web site for this program at your earliest convenience. You are welcome to apply to and to host links from other Commission Junction advertisers at any time. Login to the member area at to find our current advertiser programs and to retrieve their links. Commission Junction values your participation in the CJ Network and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

    Please be aware that this decision was not made by Commission Junction but by the advertiser. For assistance, please use the "Support" drop-down menu at the top of the Account Manager

    Best Regards,

    Client Services

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    Ummm, I thought they haveto give you at least 7 days notice???

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    Yes, I'm also one of the unlucky few who got booted out of the program. Thanks Famous Footwear, for showing such compassion for affiliates in your email to us.

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    Yeah, I got the boot last month. Seems to be a real trend here.

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    Lamest Bootware

    I told you so.... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    - BluesX

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    If shoe merchants were really interested in selling online rather than branding online then they'd welcome any traffic they can scrounge up from targeted affiliate links. This wank AM sent me 3 promo e-mails lauding their program along with the cancellation program. No mixed messages there? I'm sticking with Zappos and a few BeFree (non-converting) merchants while these creaps get their act together. They are strickly after eyeballs and building e-mail lists and local store traffic. Go con the dupers loosers.

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    I finally got the axe today. Boy was I P*****.

    I regret to inform you that your organization will be dropped from the Famous Footwear affiliate program. Your termination will become effective within seven days of this notice; please pull all your links to by this time. Famous Footwear is reinventing its program with new copy standards (from “discount” to “value-priced”) and a smaller number of partners. Competition for the few spaces available was fierce so our decision was a difficult one; it does not reflect disapproval of the quality of your Web site or the importance of your organization. In fact, we hope that we are able to work with you again in the future. Please know that we appreciate your interest in our company and thank you for having participated in our affiliate program. If you have any questions please contact me directly:

    Guess I wasn't in their top 50 producers. And jeese. In the second notification from Erica....."hopes to do business in the future."...

    Ahhh hmmmmmmmmm....You fire me, while you downsize, and if don't work out the way you planned, I can work for you again.....NOt.

    Boy If I wasn't a lady.....

    I simply wrote her back, and said I won't be intreasted in a future relationship, and please don't come begging at my doorstep.

    I've had a few other shoe people wanting more exposure, Famous footware had 1st place, so there'll be some happy merchants tomorrow, when I tell them I moved them to first spot.

    Time to move to move on to someone who'll appreciate the business I bring them.

    ------------------------------------------------------------Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open. Thomas Dewar

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    From 'discount' to value-priced', lololol rotflmao, I laugh every time I see that. Only I substitute, 'From 'profitable' to 'losing our hiney-kins' ', lololol.

    The funny thing is, even with merchants that I don't convert on, if I need an item and they have it, I'm purchasing through my own links.

    So, if you have 8,000 affiliates that just buy three pair of shoes a year through their own sites, that's 24,000 pairs of shoes.

    Versus having 50 affiliates, lololol, oh man, I gotta come back here every time I get depressed and read that line, it cracks me up.

    I drank what?? -Socrates

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    I just took a look at Lamest Bootwear's EPC graph. Reminded me of how much I like skiing.


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    Originally posted by Icicle:
    I just took a look at Lamest Bootwear's EPC graph. Reminded me of how much I like skiing.


    Now that's funny!

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