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    From closed thread...

    "Sometimes things take longer than shitting words."

    It takes a whole lot of time to screen print all the incriminating data Haiko has on all these scum and drive down to a NY finest police station and file a complaint or visit the DA.

    Sheesh, the DA of NYC slam dunked Merril Lynch for $100 million based on a few emails.

    CJ and Snare wanted Haiko to clean up the parasite scum?

    What's wrong with them doing it? Did they Haiko?

    Could it be they would lose money. What about all the affiliates who got screwed while the adnetwork scum wait for Haiko with all his power to plead for change and such.

    What's best for the industry?

    Put all the mofo's in jail and START OVER.

    According to Haiko, it's perfectly okay for Steve and Todd to go into his house and everyday steal the food out of his fridge.

    Which is exactly what SNARE & CJ do to thousands of affiliates everyday by allowing duperaffiliates to be part of their network. Because for most people the little extra money people make from affiliate marketing means they get to eat a bit better.

    "Sometimes things take longer than shitting words."

    Haiko - you should change your name to Neville Chamberlain.

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    Ummm....Fred, I think this post is innapropriate. Linking Haiko with a pre wwII appeasement movement is a little overboard.

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    "No statue has ever been erected
    to honor a critic." Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer

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    When have I ever said that the or the ad networks should allow the Parasites or Duper affiliates?

    What they asked me to do was to stop the attack - I was going onto business wire and 15 other PR services to blast Wurldmedia. The ad networks wanted "one" company to serve as the poster children for parasiteware gone good, the idea made sense to me so I didn't blast them. Unlike you Fred, I try to take a clearer plan of attack than legal beagle this and sue that approach that you always resort to ... I am trying to do something for all of us ... and that DOES take time for it WILL be REAL and DECISIVE. If you have your concerns over the time frames or my "lack" of integrity ... please, stop typing and go do do your own actions ... I will continue to exercise my plan of attack ... it has worked and most certainly will continue to!

    PS. Don't blame me for actions or lack thereof by the ad networks ... That is not just.

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