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    I Need help some help to find affiliate programs.

    My name is Will and I'm not sure if this is the right thread to start a talk about my problem, so please sorry if it is not.
    I would like to create a network with websites (domains). I care only about the domains and I won't use the websites for nothing else than separate affiliate program promotion. I'm going to create as start 15-20 websites. I will buy the domains and the hosting. I can bring monthly about 500,000 - 1,000,000 unique visitors and probably hundreds of sales. I'm new and have no idea what affiliate programs do offer that. I saw most of these offers : links to their websites , banners , but this is not what I need. If I will promote hard I have to do it with my own sites and I have to tell my customers that these websites are mine and show them (for example whois data). When they see it's from my network they will be more glad to check out the service , product.
    I hope you understand me and you have some suggestions. I appreciate if you post here.

    Thank you.


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    One thread per question is enough.

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