"Enter now for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate from your choice of 20 leading merchants! Each winner chooses their gift certificate from one of our participating sponsors! Drawings held Friday at midnight E.S.T.."

I will have on my site a weekly Giveaway, where users can win $50 gift certificates for use in your own online shopping site. I will currently give away one $50 gift certificate each week. The person who enters will see a review of the site, including what they sell, then they will choose which merchant they would like to receive the gift certificate. This is how the advertising will work, I will have 20 leading merchants and all the merchants will receive e-mails from the persons who entered, so that they can send offers to all of my users. This is how the pricing will work, each merchant will give a $50 gift certificate to each of the members who picks them as their gift, this means you could giveaway $200 every month, or $0 every month. The merchants who pays out $50 or more in gift certificates, will owe nothing for the merchant spot. If you do not giveaway any money in gift certificates, then you will owe $5 each week, or $20 monthly.

Obviously when my site receives more users will charge a more and I will have more giveaways. But for now I think that is a fair price, however the set price is not determined.

Please feel free to put your two cents in. Thanks