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    Google versus Yahoo Shares
    I was reading our local paper regarding Google's YouTube's purchase. Google's shares went up and Yahoo's went down. Currently Google's shares are well over $400 and Yahoo's are around $25. Is Google really worth 20 times Google? If Yahoo made some good acqustions I could see their shares going up? Any stock market experts out there?

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    That isn't the correct way to look at overall worth. A quicker (ignoring outstanding stock options etc) is to look at the market cap.

    Yhoo: 33.48B

    So 4x as big, not 20.

    Another example to more clearly show the two are not the same, microsoft is trading at 27.54 but has a market cap of 274.57B


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    I'm no expert, but I think stock price depends on lots of factors, how many times the stock has split, how many shares are tied up, how many shares are available, plus many others etc.
    Doubt google is worth 20X yahoo.
    But GOOG is worth 20X YHOO... at the moment at least.

    edit: I'm a slow typer, above post sums it up nicely

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