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    Greetings, Folks!

    Although I am fairly new to affiliate marketing, I have been a marketer for a loooong time and have been involved with internet marketing pretty much from day one.

    One of the things I have found extremely useful in managing my affiliates (I'm the Marketing Director at my company) is to send out a monthly email with basic marketing tips and tricks to help them increase their visibility and sales.

    Yes, I know that this may seem a bit counter-intuitive. If an affiliate of mine also represents a competitor of ours, my advice may help increase the competition's sales.

    This is where the beauty happens... If I can make my affiliates more successful, then they will usually remember who has helped them along the way. Who gets preferred listings? Usually it will be me.

    In the interest of helping other people, I have helped myself... Can you say "enlightened self-interest", boys and girls?

    Here is an example of the sort of tips I offer my affiliates:

    A few ideas to help you maximize your sales (and revenue!) with us:

    1 - Use banners AND links.
    Some people click on banners. Some people click on links. To be safe,
    have both available for your customers.

    2 - Make sure we can be found.
    Some affiliates put dozens of links and banners on a single page. The
    typical visitor who sees a page like this simply moves on without
    clicking on any of them. By breaking these pages down by category, you
    can ensure that your visitors are more likely to see something of
    interest... and click through... and purchase - earning you money!

    3 - Target your relationships.
    We both want the same thing - to maximize our revenues through the
    affiliate system. Think about what sort of visitors your site(s)
    attract and what exactly they are seeking. We'll be happy to work with
    you to create banners and/or links tying your visitors with our

    <end snip>

    Sorry, for the snip... I just gave you the hints and left out things which would identify our site and program.

    I hope this is helpful!


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    Just announce the program, Christmas is coming and you have the type of product that sells, especially during this time of the year. Get your boss to pony up the $50.

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    Hi Hersch!! Welcome to command central.

    I'm smiling for a reason..... You may want to save this thread and reflect on it in about 6 months...

    Many who post here have some fantastic experience and knowledge that can serve you well if you are also willing to learn. Spending time reading past threads is a great start point. In many of the past threads you will see some in depth discussions, opinions and feedback from both the affiliate's perspective and the merchants. Things like what you mention here are discussed in great detail - so by all means read up and enjoy the information that is shared.

    Best wishes to you and again welcome.
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