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    I would like some input here.I was checking
    my Clickbank account this morning and noticed
    a debit.I checked it out and it was 2 charges
    from early November 2001,it said credit card
    revoked on each $230 +$10 bank fee on 2 card retrievals.I remember the sales because I questioned them because they both had the same email address and came from Mexico.I had customer service check it out and they verified that they came from the same computer but different cards.At any rate I figured I would hear somethimg if there was any problems in a month or less.Anyway I delivered the services on each and here it is
    over 7 months later and this comes up.I don't understand exactly the workings on this.I mean after 7 months looks like if anyone got left holding the bag it would be the credit card company.I'm nearly 50 years old but someone enlighted me on this.I do run a sports handicapping service and this was 2 sales on Basketball packages if that has anything to do with it.

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    I'm not that familiar with how ClickBank operates, but I do know some about merchant banks and accounts as I have one. I believe the statue of limitations for contesting a credit card charge (for whatever reason) is a year. By bank recommends we keep all transaction records for something like 3 years in case something is contested and we need to provide proof of the transaction.

    And I can tell you this: the banks are never the one's left holding the bag! Except in cases of merchant fraud. If it is credit card fraud, ultimately it will be the expense of the merchant. :rolleyes: The banks whine about how many billions are lost in credit card fraud, but never say it's the merchant that pays. In fact,not only does the merchant lose the money and the cost of the product/service, but they also get hit with chargeback and retrieval fees. $10 is actually cheap.

    It sounds like they were using stolen cards or one of those credit card number generators. All cards drawn on banks outside of the US do not have Address Verification System (as minimal as that protection really is).

    Sometimes the real card holder may not notice the fraudulent charge to their account for several months. Many people don't check their statements on a regular basis. Even more frequently, people don't check their checking account statements when they have Visa/MC debit cards. So it can be months before a questionable charge is detected.

    One of the main reasons I don't ship internationally is that it is almost impossible to verify the credit card online.

    Remember you always have the right to cancel an order and not process the transaction if you are suspicous of the transaction. Sometimes it's better to not make the sale if it's a good chance of it coming back and costing you even more money in the long run.

    So sorry to hear that this happened to you. Not a pleasant feeling. As online merchants we don't have to deal with shop lifting, but we do have to deal with fraudulent credit card transactions. I doubt what you were selling really has anything to do with it, except in the sense that certain products/services lend themselves to fraud. People who steal credit card numbers are generally going to go out and buy "fun" stuff.

    You should have gotten more info though about what the exact problem was. I've had one chargeback filed. I got a package of info from the bank with details of the complaint and had a certain amount of time to appeal. Customer had said they didn't receive the product. I sent the bank a copy of the shipping record and delivery confirmation and I got my money back. They should be providing you with info so you could possibly appeal.

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