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    I sometimes visit some of the babes sites (umm, research), and I am wondering about the photos they use.

    First, where do they get them? do they snatch them from other sites, or scan in photos from other sources?

    What is the legality (in terms copyright infringement) of this, or do these babes just consider it free pub?

    I would think the photographers, magazines, etc., who actually own the photos would mind.

    Anyhow, looks like a good market to get into.

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    Hi and Welcome to ABW! <IMG src=>

    As I understand it pictures of minor and or babies used without consent is a greater crime than just (C) infringement.

    There are many sites that offer Royalty free images see here for a list it is a great industry and to get a "proffesional" looking site you really need to buy such images.

    Scanning the images from magazines or the like will undoubtedly get you a (C) infringment case.


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    sorry, Haiko, I didn't mean babies; I am talking about hot-looking women. is such a site. There are actually a number of them. They have photos of (mostly) well-known, gorgeous women.

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    The issue is not whether the women consider it free publicity -- famous people do not own the copyrights of all the photos taken of them. However, the photographers do and if the sites in question do not have the permission of the copyright holder to post that image, it is illegal.

    And believe it or not, there are a lot of sites out there violating copyright law.

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