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    Text Links to offer for Affiliates
    I am trying to enhance the links that we provide to our affiliates and have been told that text links are very popular. Our program allows affiliates to create their own, but would it be helpful to have text links to choose from?Does anyone have any examples of websites or type of text that affiliates are looking for. We sell t-shirts, so anything along those lines. Thanks.

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    If I'm not mistaken, popular links sometimes are as simple as "click here" or your brand name.

    Creating your own links is nice, but put up some of your own, with your basic sales pitch in one sentence or less for aff's to use.
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    And for shirts, some category links with short text may be good too.
    For instance, the link may just say funny t-shirts. The affiliate would then work that link into a sentence or paragraph of their own (if they use their sense ).
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    yup, something short and sweet with a punch.
    You can have someting like
    "Orlando Vacation"
    "3 Days 2 nights Orlando Vacation for $79".

    Both works well, as the person might just write the copy to go with the link or he/she could put the link at the bottom of the page for the longer link.

    I would poll your affiliate base to see what are they looking for.

    EDIT: Sorry, there is no silver bullet

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    Thanks for the good advice.

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    I don't know what kind of tees you sell, which makes a difference, but short - sweet - curiosity creating text links are key. For instance if you sell customized type shirts something like:

    "Say it & Wear It Custom Tees"

    "wear your feelings on your sleeve
    custom Tee's say it all"

    If your line is traditional tees with messages:

    "Tee's with an Attitude"

    Not sure what you are looking for or what you want to promote but thought I'd toss a couple ideas out that may help you think of other text links.

    Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choicemgr
    Does anyone have any examples ... of text that affiliates are looking for. We sell t-shirts, so anything along those lines.
    1) Put yourself into your affiliate's shoes. What kind of websites are they running? Coupon? Particular topic (e.g.: general apparel, or outdoor gear & clothing, or something more general)?

    2) Segment your inventory. If the T-shirts you're selling are already categorized into different groups within your own website, that would be a good segmentation to use.

    3) Create segment-specific text links to fit into the websites they are running. Examples: "T-shirts with Animals & Pets", "Holidays T-shirts" (or more specifically: "Halloween T-shirts", "Christmas T-shirts", etc), "Political T-shirts", "Vintage Style T-shirts"... or "T-shirts On Sale", "Discounted T-shirts", etc.

    Affiliates can change the text of the link, but the deep-linking you will already provide them with (by segmenting the inventory and creating category-specific text links) will save them the time they'd otherwise have to spend digging into your website and putting together their own text links. Show them you care about their time providing them with those deep-linked text links (forgive the repetitiveness). After all, you are more interested in them actually putting the links up rather then creating them...

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi There,

    Thanks so much for your ideas. It really helps. I appreciate the time you took to answer my question. If you have any for me, I'd be happy to try and answer. Well, now I'm off to set up some text links.


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