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    Indexing a forum in search engines...
    Ok so we want GOOGLE to index the forum but its a paid forum so we want a message to popup when they try and access from google saying that this is the case...


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    I imagine you'd have to have each page check the the "user agent", if it's googlebot etc crawling, let it have member level access and crawl the site. If it's "ie" or any browser make them log in.

    Remember google doesn't like session ids or session cookies so you'd have to perform the user agent check for every single page using this method.

    You could also use googlebots IP range to identify it. This would be more secure in that it would prevent people faking googlebots user agent name to gain access to your forums.

    There are probably other methods using .htaccess but I'm not too clear on how this would be done.

    Also as an addditional check, you could make each page check the refering pages domain and have a special message for vistors coming from search engines.

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