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    Hi all,

    I will be offering some very low margin items for sale on the internet and can't afford paying those 5-6 % per transaction.

    Please recommend if there are places where I can get low per transaction rates for online credit card payment acceptance.

    Initial payment is not an issue, the per transaction 'commissions' kill me.


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    IG - Bad news there dude...

    5-6% is the industry standard rate...And I who has researched on this a thousand times, coudn't find anything below 5-6%


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    I know that there are some programs out there that I can't find.

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    You'll more than likely need a merchant account to get much cheaper than that. For a merchant account, you can expect to pay around $0-$300 setup fees, 2-3% of the charge, and about $.20-$.35 per transaction depending on who you go with. I've found this article to be good reading about merchant accounts: s/insights/trends/article/0,,3551_208591,00.html

    (And at the bottom, you will find a link to a chart which lists a number of online companies offering merchant accounts).

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