I don't know if any of you have come across this one yet.
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On April 4, 2002, Dickson Supply Co. was served with a patent infringement lawsuit that poses a threat to nearly every business, large and small, in the United States. Along with ten other unrelated companies around the country, Dickson Supply has been accused of infringing two patents held by a company called PanIP, LLC of San Diego.
According to PanIP, its patents cover any web site that: (1) contains both text and graphics, and (2) is capable of obtaining credit card or other financial information from the user. You may want to read that again. It means that PanIP believes that virtually every ecommerce web site in the country infringes its patents.
taken from HERE.
How would a patent ever get approved for such a broad topic?
More info here (including patent #'s):