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    Talking Forzieri's Q4 Bonus... (yep, another one :)
    Howdie All,

    As you know, it's that time of year when merchants try to entice you with cash incentive's in the hope that you might get behind our program and give us a big push during the all important Q4 shopping season.

    And Starting today Forzieri is no different....

    We're offering every partner the chance to win from $50 to $4,000. We've really tried to make it fair for EVERYONE, no matter what your earning capability is.

    When you enter our cpmpetition you'll be placed in a tier with partners on the same earning level as you, and this is determined by your total sales for the previous 3 months. So for example, if you earned under $500 in the last 3 months, you'll be placed in the same tier as your piers, competing for one of three $50 prizes in Tier 1. If you earned $2,000 - $5,000 you'll be competing for a $500 prize.

    Prizes are as follows:
    Tier 1: First 3 partners to reach $500 are awarded $50 each (total: $150)
    Tier 2: First 2 partners to reach $1,000 are awarded $100 each (total: $200)
    Tier 3: First partner to reach $2,000 is awarded $200
    Tier 4: First partner to reach $5,000 is awarded $500
    Tier 5: First partner to reach $10,000 is awarded $800
    Tier 6: First partner to reach $20,000 is awarded $1,000
    Tier 7: First partner to reach $40,000 is awarded $3,000
    Tier 8: First partner to reach $60,000 is awarded $4,000

    With 8 tiers, every active partner has a very real chance of winning some substantial cash prizes, with the top prize being $4000.

    <b>Tier Placement - Based on Total Sales between July 1st to October 1st 2006</b>

    Tier 1: Sales below $500
    Tier 2: Sales between $500-$1,000
    Tier 3: Sales between $1,000 - $2,000
    Tier 4: Sales between $2,000 - $5,000
    Tier 5: Sales between $5,000 - $10,000
    Tier 6: Sales between $10,000 - $20,000
    Tier 7: Sales between $20,000 - $40,000
    Tier 8: Sales above $60,000

    Important Notes

    You will be placed in one of the above Tiers based on your sales from the previous 3 months. You will then be competing with other affiliates of the same level for the prize on offer for that Tier.

    As well as your own Tier, you may compete for any of the prizes in the Tiers above you. For example, let's say in the last 3 months your total Forzieri sales were $4,500. This would put you in Tier 4, so you would be competing for the $500 prize. However, if you managed to exceed the target for this tier ( $5,000) and achieved $10,000 in sales before any other partner, and before the deadline date of 12/21/2006, you would win the Tier 5 prize of $800. This same ruling applies to every Tier.

    So although you may be placed in Tier 1, you still have the opportunity of winning the top prize of $4000!!

    IMPORTANT: You must email me with your Linkshare username to participate.

    Email me now at affiliate-support at

    Patrick Goodfellow
    Forzieri Partner Manager
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