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    Hi, There is a merchant in Linkshare called Cendant Hotel Group. The links for Cendant go to a site called "". Road Traveler has links to all of the Cendant Hotels (except Wyndham).

    Apparently, the company Cendant split up last year. They are now four companies. I am wondering which of the companies in the breakup acquired Is this part of the Travel Distribution company, or is it part of the hospitality company, or is it cling on the be closed in up coming months?

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    Hi yintercept,

    Fairfield Resorts used to be part of the cendant group and we are now under Wyndham umbrella.

    I did not know about the till you mentioned it. Shame on me.
    Anyway, after some research, apparently, they are under the wyndham umbrella too. They are in Linkshare but I have no contact over there as it is managed by linkshare.

    here are some other articles that you can read up on.

    Let me know if you need any help.

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    Thanks for the info. I imagine that someone will need to change the name of the program some day.

    Of course, changing the program name to Wyndham Hotel Group would be problematic as the program includes most of the properties in the Wyndham Hotel Group, except Wyndham Hotels. I assume that the absurd Linkshare non-compete clause prevents inclusion of Wyndham hotels in the program as they are also on performics.

    Thanks again.

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