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    Question does webmerge get along with CSS?
    Maybe it's my coding, but everytime I use CSS with the rows it "eats" my CSS or at least doesn't looke like it should. Just wondered if anyone else has had a problem. Thanks.

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    I don't use CSS for positioning, it wouldn't allow for enough flexibility how I personally do product pages, and I use linked stylesheets.

    WM or not, linked stylesheets will work on any text on the page for formatting, but with WM you might have to add class= to your template or maybe for a whole page's products, use div id="products"

    I've used it this week with Carolyn's storefront system and my styles worked just fine, but I put <td> formatting in my stylesheets. However, how I'm doing it is running up plain WM pages and then popping the tables into place on my site pages - plus hand tweaking pages individually afterward for text, sales copy, etc.

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    I solved a great number of table problems when I converted to CSS. If you put CSS inside a [record] [/record], WM may eat it. If you put a div outside your record, as above, and put all your table, th, tr, td coding in your style sheet, it works "loverly." I no longer have to worry about doing the global search-n-replace (adding width to various pieces of the tables) thing before I post my files to my site. And several other little issues that used to make my site a little less than perfectly balanced.

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    Yes, CSS is the best way to apply styles to HTML, with or without WebMerge.
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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