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    New Jewelry Merchant

    I'm excited to introduce you all to Adambha Jewelry and our just opened Share A Sale merchant account. I'd also like to introduce myself, Adam, the owner/operator/jack-of-all-trades. I'm looking forward to getting involved around here. Take a look at our operations at

    I hope this isn't consider spam. I read the rules, but saw other similar postings and wasn't sure if this is allowed or not. I have the best intentions of course.

    And to start off on the right foot, I'd like to offer you all on ABW an exclusive 'upgrade' for those affliates that sign up with us. Our 'standard' commission is 17% but for those of you who sign-up (and drop an email to 'affiliates at adambha dot com') I'll automatically throw an additional 3% on the table, a total of 20% for ABW! And that's only the beginning as I offer greater commissions as your sales increase.

    We have text ads and a datafeed right now. Banners will be ready soon.

    Here's the normal details:

    Program Overview

    * Above Average Commissions Starting at 17%
    * Tiered Commissions up to 30% for Top Performers!
    * 90-Day Tracking Cookie
    * 1,000+ Product Datafeed - Download Here
    * Auto Deposit - Our Links are Never Offline
    * Auto-Approve - We Don't Make You Wait
    * Current Average Sale $75 - And Rising
    * Best Season - Holiday Sales - Beginning Now

    Adambha Jewelry Perks

    * Always Free Shipping
    * Upgraded and International Shipping Available
    * Hassle-Free 90-day Returns
    * All Jewelry Handcrafted in Nepal

    Here's the link to Our ShareASale Program if you're interested. Don't forget to email me for your upgrade!

    Looking forward to working with you all!


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    E-mail sent. Thank you for your offer.
    Your jewelry looks beautiful
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
    Twitter me

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    Quote Originally Posted by adambha
    I hope this isn't consider spam.
    And as I get acclimated here, I realize that it probably was considered spam! My apologies for my noob oversight!

    Nevertheless, I have officially announced my program through the correct channels. You can take a look at my post in the 'New Affiliate Programs and Announcements' group.

    I am really looking forward to learning from (with!) you all to gain further insights, experience, and success. I'm really hoping that I can truly be an outstanding merchant and provide the top-notch service we all should expect.

    Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts, I love feedback.


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    Welcome aboard, your display picture is nice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by clyderose
    Welcome aboard, your display picture is nice!
    Thanks clyderose, it's great to be here!

    And the avatar is the Adambha logo. It's based on the lotus flower, with a geometric twist. I'm biased, but I love that logo also.

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