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    January 18th, 2005
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    Sorry, but it's bye-bye Mamabear
    I really do like to support the independent, smaller merchant whenever possible and she's got some cute stuff, but I just checked a page that's getting some good traffic and the link is not currently active. Off-line AGAIN!

    After so many times I've just quit the program, but I wish some of these small guys would find a way to make their programs more reliable and solvent. We can go along just so many times and then it reaches the point that there's no longer any choice but to drop them.

    What's really most annoying of all is that it isn't just a simple matter of pulling the products and links. It means finding a substitute and totally re-writing equivalent text so the basics of the page stay the same.

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    January 18th, 2005
    My feelings too. I had them a while back (thought their name was really cute so looked into them) but dropped them after a while too cos they were offline.

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    I feel ya, I hate making pages around a merchant and then go back a day or so later and they are offline...and we all know the word temporarily takes on new meaning then!

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    Sorry to hear that web - but I'm sure you'll find a good replacement.
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