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    Cookie stuffing?
    Hi guys.
    I'm just comparing my report EPCs to their respective merchant's averages to see how well I'm doing. Some of them are WAY below merchant's numbers, so I'm thinking - I'm losing the cookie war to stuffers and parasites.

    So, in your experience - which merchants are most likely to have their cookies targeted by stuffers? I'd rather avoid them altogether and focus on promoting the others.

    Thanks for any input.

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    I would not necessarily think it is cookie stuffers and parasites, although that may be part of what is going on. My different sites have different EPC's because the quality and the demographic of the traffic varies for each of my sites.

    As for potential cookie stuffers and parasites, I pretty much presume anyone that does not claim to be parasite free will allow parasites in the program.

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    If widespread cookie stuffing were going on, the merchant's overall EPC would generally be much lower than yours. This is because in the case of cookie stuffing, many click throughs are being recorded even though nobody is actually clicking - causing much more traffic to the merchant site, but with a relatively minimal increase in sales, and thus a much lower EPC.

    The best things you can do to increase your conversion rates, are to:

    A) Increase the quality of traffic coming to your site.


    B) Work on better converting the sale from your own site... whether that means trimming irrelevant content, posting merchant coupons & deals, or sending the visitor the more relevant landing pages on your site and the merchant's site.

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    Joey, you're right.
    Now looking at them again - some of my numbers are way higher than the averages...

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