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    Newbie Question about Virtual Inventory
    Are there any programs out there that allow me to have a "virtual inventory" of the products I sell for them? I would like to have a full e-commerce site promoting the product, but I would like the sale to happen locally and not have to redirect the buyer to a second website. Can someone enlighten me of programs that have such capability, and also have a live data feed to allow me to automate the process?

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    the merchants with few exceptions view the visitor who becomes a customer as theirs alone.

    some here use software to track visitor actions in order to check against network results, though.

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    i would think you are looking at drop shipping merchants.

    have not seen any that does that except for drop shippers (does not mean that there are merchants out there).

    Do you want to really hassle with the customer service if S*it happens, etc cos customers will be harassing you and not the merchant?

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