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    Shorter or longer?
    Hey guys just read a book called (edited out spam) it speaks about people having short attention spans and the reason why websites don't convert much better than 1-5% is because alot of the sales letters are too long.

    What are your guys thoughts?
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    I hate long Sales Letters
    I definately agree that Sales Letters (sites) are way way to long at least for me they are. I go from being excited in the beginning to losing interest to getting pissed to forgetting why I even came to this %&*@#$ rediculas site.

    I don't know they say their research proves that long sales letters convert better.

    Others I have read say the Sales Letter should be short for lower priced stuff and longer for heigher priced goods.

    I find the first thing I look for is the right hand navigation bar and if it looks to me like im in for a 10 to 15 page read I lose interest right away and if it don't have something compelling in the forst 2,3 pages i'm outta there.


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    A sales letter can't be too long, only too boring. If someone is really interested
    in your product he will read every word of your sales letter.

    You've got to split-test your sales letter anyway...



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    I remembered marketing sherpa's book talks in-depth on this

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    Hey TheJackal,

    I wouldn't buy that idea,

    Most new movies make BIG bucks.

    They capture people's attention for around the two hr mark.

    Maybe a movie is on the border of sensory overload, in that it is pretty hard to look elsewhere other than the screen or listen to anything else other than the soundtrack.

    But if the person watching it wasn't interested they could walk out.

    When you listen or when you read you go into a trance, a kind of self-induced hypnosis.

    This means your attention has been captured, then it is quite easy to guide you to to shopping cart page.

    If the merchant doesn't get you to that page, then somehow he broke that trance.

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