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    exception to advertiser policies

    One of my advertisers that I was doing well promoting using PPC directly to his site decided to add the rule in keyword policy to do not use his as display url - what make me impossible to promote him in this way.

    So a decided to propose to him if I he I he could open an exception to this policies as I know that this is a nice guy. So he he said ok! that I could use his promoting in Google as an exception to his keyword policy rule.

    But now I'm afraid as I already received a hard warning from CJ network quality due I have been got using a display URL in Google from another advertiser in the past and the next time they got me my account would be deactivated.

    I know that CJ contracted a company to monitor Search engines to see who is violating PPC policies - but I don't know how it works exactly.

    This time I have an ok from the advertiser him self but I'm afraid. Do you think that is ok? Or I should contact CJ and ask they permission also, do not promote him even with his permission or is ok and promote him?


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    I would ask your merchant for an e-mail written to you clearly saying you can use his domain name as a keyword. Then I would send that to CJ and the people who gave you the warning so that you can clarify that you have gotten special permission to use his domain name and in theory that should clear up any problem.

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    Yeah, whatever the merchant allows you to do in regards to PPC should trump anything CJ says.

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    I work in Internet Compliance. If an affiliate has special permission from a client, then it is not an issue that I will address with them.

    As stated above, get this rule exception in writing. You might even go the extra step of finding out who is in charge of compliance at CJ and forward that letter to them with a copy of the previous warning that you received.

    Also, maybe I am over simplifying, but if I understand your original statement, you may be mistaken on how you can bid on Google. Your "display" URL and the URL that your link goes to do not need to be the same thing.

    We have hundreds of affiliates that bid on our client names, but use their own display URL.

    By allowing you to use their display URL, they are running the risk of their ad getting bumped by your ad, or you are running the risk that their ad may bump yours.

    My recommendation is to use your own display URL. However, if you aren't going to, you should definitely get your deal in writing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheri
    My recommendation is to use your own display URL. However, if you aren't going to, you should definitely get your deal in writing.
    is not so simple of changing a string, I'm an AdWords specialist, not a web designer.

    if I use in display URL I need to design a complete new website from scratch or I will be violating AdWords TOS.

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