Anyone here ever start a affiliate consultation business in your local area? I'm thinking about setting up a business where I come in to your company, find the right affiliate solution for you, set it up, and manage it for you on a monthly fee.

This would be good for companies who don't have an internal person to manage it themselves, but who also don't have the budget to hire a full-time person.

The questions I have are.

Have any of you done this type of thing? If so, how did you market it locally? Would it make more sense to go in with a flate rate hourly cost, or go in pitching I get a % of all affiliate sales?

I think this could work with the local connections I have. Probably the biggest barrier is explaining to people what an affiliate program is and how it can be successful, so there is tremendous value to them from me because I know how to get the best deal, set it up, etc...

Are you an affiliate manager? How did you get started? Any thoughts you have are appreciated.

Jim Kukral