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    Starting an affiliate program on clickbank - how do you track affiliates?
    I'm with clickbank for an affiliate program and I'm trying to figure a few things out. It doesnt seem like they offer many ways to track affiliates once they decide to use your program. The only way you can even figure out if someone is offering your product is if you've recruited them directly and have created a list or if they make a sale (because you get their affiliate ID).

    How do other people deal with this issue? Do you use a 3rd party solution or is there something I'm missing about using ClickBank? Any information you can share would be very helpful.


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    This may be of some help to you at least. Visit and sign up for the free counter and if you post it in your pages you will be able to see who came, where they came from, where they went, and how long they were there.

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