Hey Everyone,

We rolled out an upgrade to our tracking system recently that gives Affiliates the option of adding their own custom tracking parameters, so I wanted to be sure and post it on ABW.

Custom tracking parameters are limited to 16 characters and we automatically strip out dashes and underscores because we use those characters to delimit our tracking data in the cookies.

You'll notice two new columns on the sales/commissions report:

  1. Campaign/Product Link -a new column in your reports will show either the campaign name (for banners/text links) or the product name (for datafeed related links) clicked that lead to the sale. Since we just started tracking this, you'll notice that sales from cookies set before October 19, 2006 will not contain the new data.
  2. Custom Tracking Code, -we also added a feature that allows Affiliates to define a custom tracking code/parameter for any of the links in our network. The parameter is "ctc" (Eg. ctc=trackingcode).

If you any questions feel free to post here or email me.


Gary & AvantLink