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    If you look at the known spammer list and chart showing how it's all tied together ...see.. you'll find some interesting common relationships between affiliate enabled merchants and those hateful spammers. Basically behind the scenes of ALL freebee -rebate -lotto -incent or pay/lead sites is a direct connection to the world of spamm. It's going to get real interesting when all the hidden superaffiliates get their spamm pipes burst if WorldCom goes under. WorldCom delivers over 50% of all e-mails in the world.

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    Worldcom is not going anywhere much less BK and if it goes BK it won't mean anything as it will be an engineered BK.

    As it turned out Worldcom was the best investment opportunity to come down the pike in over 3 years.

    It was 6 cents per share two days ago. Opened today at 22 cents and is now trading at $.25. (Dumb me, I thought about buying it all day 2 days ago, but didn't - and I knew it was going to be a deal - Homer Simpson lives.)

    Here's the deal with Worldcom - they have 30 BILLION in debt - bonds mostly. Now these bonds are trading at about 10 to 20 cents on the dollar depending how bad you get screwed when you buy by your broker.

    If you were a major WC lender you could have bought the stock for 6 cents/share. So $6 million buys 100 million shares. Then you go in and buy extra bonds so you average down your risk.

    3 days ago Worldcom had $3 billion in cash, yet at the new conference the new CEO said they only had $2 billion left. My guess is they took a a billion and bought as many of their bonds back as they could get.

    If they did that they own the instruments that they owe money to - bingo say goodbye to $6 Billion in debt and the interest due each quarter for $1 Billion in cash.

    The big time players were all over this deal.
    Knowing what to do with this type of situation is how the vultures become fatter, richer and happier.

    Gecko lives. Next week, WC stock will go down as those who bought 2 days ago, sell some of what they bought. WC bonds at less than $.15 cents on the dollar (while risky) could be a real good deal.

    When you owe $30 Billion and have huge major defense department contracts - the 'boys' are NOT going to let you fail.

    Now I don't know how smart the newboy CEO is but - he could pull a serious rabbit out of the hat if he has the balls to do it.

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    The bubble in the senerio bursts when the SEC pulls all trading on the boards of WorldCom stocks and bonds like they did with Enron!!

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    Wow, that Cluelessmailers site is interesting reading. Especially interesting was that spam complaints sent to rackspace and exodus result in nothing more than an auto-reply and forwarding of the complaint to the spammer. IOW, a spam complaint has the same negative result as going through the "opt-out" routine - it verifies your email address to the spammer.
    My only complaint about the site is the name - I think something like Evilmailers or Lowlifescumbagspammers would be more fitting.

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    First of all, the way they word the remark about Rackspace gives the wrong impression. They give an AUP Notice to the one who leased the server. This is not the same as sending a notice "to the spammer" unless the spammer happens to be the one with the server. These big name places on the Clueless Mailers site may have their own servers, but a lot of spam can come from "hit-and-run" people who buy a regular webhosting account, run their spams out through the included email address, and consider getting kicked off their hosting package as a cost of business!

    Rackspace has a lot of web hosting companies for customers (where the web host itself uses Rackspace server(s) and then sells hosting packages), so it would stand to reason that Rackspace would contact the one who leased the server instead of just shutting down an entire server which could screw many innocent customers of a web host along with the spammer.

    There are also other ways to get a server to send out spam without the server owner/lessee's permission.

    It's only common decency to allow those who lease servers a chance to recify situations like this WITHOUT taking drastic measures (like closure of the server account) as a first step!

    Even though (the spammer mentioned on the Cluelessmailers site) was allegedly doing it on purpose, a harsher initial-response policy could screw a lot of undeserving people.

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