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    Home Depot is now available at GoldenCAN
    We are very excited to announce that Home Depot CJ is now available at GoldenCAN.

    You can display Home Depot's entire Data Feed, any selected category, Coupons, Recent Price Drop Products or Search on your website with only one line of GoldenCAN Code.

    Integration Samples:
    Home Depot Store Integration Sample
    Home Depot Coupon Integration Sample
    Home Depot Search Integration Sample

    Home Depot's GetData:
    Use GoldenCAN GetData feature to get the complete pre formatted HTML for Home Depotís store integration and display on your website with SEO benefits.

    Home Depot's GetRSS:
    Use GoldenCAN GetRSS feature to receive a valid RSS document with Home Depotís Coupons and recent Price Drop products.

    If you have already created a store, coupon or search integration for multiple merchants, dont forget to add Home Depot in your existing Integration.

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    Be nice if Home Depot furnished Asif with a full product category datafeed. Love to have showcases for their Holiday section... rather then just the 12 products shown in their GC sub category.
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    wish I could get approved by them. Been trying for years.

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