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    Linkshare Links...
    Unfortunately I have found many problems with the way Linkshare generate their links, I really feel they need to update their system badly and get with the times - it's nearly 2007 not 1997. I have sites that use no tables and just css and the LS links are the only ones out of several networks links I use that totally screw up the css and pages. Thats why Linkshare's own new website is not designed using css as their designers obviously are from the very old school and have no idea on web standards, css, xhtml and anything later than 1997 most likely but i started back then and have learn't to adjust with the modern Internet so why can't they?. I don't mean to complain as they do have some very good things with their program but when your web pages constantly have problems with their links it can be very frustrating, especially as they have some good merchants that I really want to promote but i can't even spot-light those merchants links on my sites otherwise the pages go weird if ls links are allowed to display.

    Here is a good example of a link a merchant sent me today (judge for yourself)

    <a href="" >Purchase┬ a┬ Nike┬ Sasquatch┬ 460cc┬ Driver┬ and┬ receive┬ 1┬ Dozen┬ Nike┬ Platinum┬ and┬ 1┬ Dozen┬ Nike┬ One┬ Golf┬ Balls┬ at┬</a><IMG border=0 width=1 height=1 src="" >
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    Looks about right unfortunately....
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    And still includes the subid they got rid of almost a year ago.
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