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    If you are an affiliate marketer or a true fan of any baseball league, then what do you do when:

    As an affiliate marketer..........

    you like the merchant but, not the network the merchant is using.
    you like the network, but not some of the merchants they have there.
    you don't work with another network, but your best merchants switch their program to another network that you may not like at all.
    you like your merchant and the network they were using, because you have made a lot of money with them before, but now that your merchant is moving to another network, what would you do, and what would you say about that same merchant and the other network next time another survey comes around?

    As a true baseball fan............

    you like the team, but not some of the players on that team.
    you like the some of the players on that team, but you don't like that team.
    you want your favorite team to win, and they win. Now, the next season, the good players that were responsible for your team to win the last time, they're now playing for the other side. So, when the next game begins, for who would you cheer more?

    All that may sound complicated but, not really.

    Some people will just go where the money is, regardless of everything else.
    Some people will just go where the money is, but as long as that by doing so, they wouldn't be leaving their principles behind.
    Some people will just get stuck on where they are right now, because of what they read or hear about this and that, and they will never even going to try to learn by they own mistakes.
    Some people will just say that this post make no sense. (so I am posting it on the Daily Chuckle forum, but this is not a joke.)
    Some people will just say: Sometimes, You Just Have To Say: WT*.

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    Who's on first?

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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    I think your post exemplifies an inescapable reality that is quite simple to understand actually: every thing is a tradeoff, and the "perfect" flaw - free scenario does not exist. But there is always Hockey!!
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