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    Talking One Blog Maybe Officially Done
    I have a blog and no one has responded in a year to anything I have written. Yes, it get some traffic, but no responses ever. I just kept it running because I like it.

    Anyway, finally, one year later, someone responds. I get all excited and click the link to see who it is. Little did I know this man was alive and surfing, but A Hitler must have escaped the Americans long ago. Only now has he began to make mistakes like posting to a cookware blog. I'm going to inform the proper authorities immediately.

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    Hitler is still alive. Remember the famous Doors song?. The unforgettable lyrics are here
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    Hitler was into cookware? I KNEW that eventually he'd blow his cover. In this case, I'd say the proper authorities you mention would probably be Bellevue or a similar hospice.
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    Ask him if he's seen Elvis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Ward
    Ask him if he's seen Elvis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Ward
    Ask him if he's seen Elvis.
    Maybe they both have seen Tupac. Hmmmm....

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