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    Slow Sales Today 10/28/06?
    Anyone else seeing really low traffic (off about 50%) levels and as a result pretty slow sales today? Home improvement, personals, apparel, stuff like that?

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    Three things to consider, 1. it's a weekend, 2. it's the end of the month, 3. we're heading into a holiday (Halloween). I'm not surprised that sales are slow.

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    I'm just weird. Had a good day here. My off day was a few days ago.

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    I guess I'm not in sync either - having a great day so far. Better than the past 3 Saturdays - so no kick here. My slow day was Tues.
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    it;s kind of slow for sat 10/28
    much slower than last 3 weeks

    i think the halloween weekend has something to do with it also as lots of people are shopping around for halloween things..

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    Very slow here since 10/26...

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    This past week was the most oddball ever on CJ.

    None of my usual stuff sold.

    And merchants I have been signed up for, that have never sold for me, made some sales...

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    U wish U knew
    Oct is just slower than Sept for me

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