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    CJ Accept Affiliates of Adult or Gambling Sites?
    I am thinking of applying as an affiliate for CJ but I have only adult and gambling sites. I wonder whether CJ accept my application or not?

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    They should, CJ has plenty of gambling merchants, so you should do quite well with these. I would not put an adult site as my URL, though.

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    I think cj automatically approves you as a publisher (affiliate) but it will be up to the account managers to accept your program or not.

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    CJ does NOT accept adult sites! In fact, they'll close your account and eat your commissions if you use one (or more) of those sites to promote their merchants on and they catch you. (I don't know about the gambling, but adult is definitely prohibited.)

    Just getting by an automated approval setup doesn't mean they allow 'em. There have been threads here by people who've lost a large chunk of commissions when their "unacceptable" sites were discovered by CJ.

    To use CJ (without risking the closure of your account and loss of commissions), you'd have to make some family-friendly site(s) and apply with those sites, and never run CJ ads on the adult sites. They don't even allow you to *link to* adult sites from your CJified sites.

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    Kind of silly they don't allow adult sites considering there are quite a few merchants who sell "ADULT" products!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heidi
    Kind of silly they don't allow adult sites considering there are quite a few merchants who sell "ADULT" products!
    Do as I say, not as I do. CJ's rule of thumb.

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    Well, there is a bit of difference from a site selling adult "toys" to one just pushing plain ole porn...there's adult and then theres ADULT!

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    It's got to depend on the degree of adult. All out porn sites will probably be frowned upon but there are plenty of personals directories that link to what may be considered "adult" personals and CJ sex toy merchants would probably be good fits for those, as would some of the personals affiliate programs. Tasteful "non full nude" might be appropriate.

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