Aren't and supposed to be different XML's, so that second one has extra fields:

Advanced "Deals Database Feed"

The advanced feed is located at:

This feed contains additional information that you can parse on your own to further work with the "Deals Database" on your site. The tags that are displayed are as follows:

Standard RSS Fields: <title></title> <link></link> <guid></guid> <pubDate></pubDate> <description></description> Extra Fields: <dealstartdate></dealstartdate> <dealenddate></dealenddate> <dealpublishdate></dealpublishdate> <couponcode></couponcode> <trackingurl></trackingurl> <restrictions></restrictions> <keywords></keywords> <category></category> <commissionpercentage></commissionpercentage> <merchantID></merchantID> <merchantname></merchantname> <dealtitle></dealtitle> <imagebig></imagebig> <imagesmall></imagesmall> <htmlofdeal></htmlofdeal>
Both URL's result with the same XML for me -- theres no "E" of Extra feelds in dealdatabase2.xml

Any thoughts?